What is Compassion Coaching?

Compassion Coaching

Compassion coaching can improve relationships, and it helps people deal with difficult emotions or achieve career goals. It motivates people differently than compliance coaching does. So What Is Compassion Coaching, Really? Compassion coaching triggers positive nerve reactions within the body instead of negative ones, and it highlights hopes, dreams and potential. It may produce change […]

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Teaching Compassion and Empathy in Coaching Skills

Empathy Coaching

Teaching empathy and compassion comes with challenges. After all, coaches sometimes have to learn how to empathize with another person before they can show others that they care, which usually comes with unhurried time out to listen to what people say. True Empathy Requires Active Listening Before offering professional coaching services, people learning how to […]

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8 Effective Communication Techniques

Communication Blog

Effective communication is not a one-way street. In order for people to communicate effectively, they must have a willingness to speak and to listen. With effective communication strategies, you can establish strong relationships with the people you love. You’ll be able to avoid a lot of misinterpretation and miscommunication when you understand these techniques, which […]

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Counseling Is Good for Everyone—Here’s Why

Have you tried therapy? While there was a bigger stigma around seeking help years ago, modern attitudes toward therapy have changed. You might be wondering, “Do I need counseling? Who is therapy for?” The truth is that counseling is good for everyone, no matter who or how old you are, what your socioeconomic status may […]

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How to Survive the Summer Slump Relationships Face

If you had been looking forward to a steamy summer with your significant other, only to find that one of you is more interested in seeking greener pastures, you’re not alone. According to a Facebook data study, the worst time for relationships is May through August of each year. So why do couples fight more […]

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