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Ellen Savage, LCPC
A licensed Clinical Professional Counselor fully qualified and experienced in providing outpatient mental health services.
She is trained to work with individuals, marriages/partnerships, families, parent-child, and groups in order to treat
the stress of emotional problems.


Family counseling

Family dynamics can be as frustrating as they are complex, but Ellen is here to assist in the communication and healing process.

Couples Therapy

The idea of marriage counseling might be unappealing to many couples—but it could also be the thing that saves your relationship, or makes it easier to let go.

Individual Counseling

Whether you have years of experience with therapy or have never seen a professional counselor, Ellen can give you the productive and qualified help you need.

Life Coaching

Have you ever considered working with a life coach? Ellen has been providing life coaching services since 1982, but she isn’t your average life coach.

Ellen helped me out for years, and now I visit her occasionally to check in. She was an outstanding communicator and excellent resource through ups and downs in my life. Don’t know where I would be without her, highly recommend.

Jared Wilson

Ms. savage was very helpful in teaching us communication skills to help in all my relationship . She is straight forward and friendly, too.


I was going through a very difficult time in my life a few years back and she helped me through it. She is very insightful, caring, and sensitive! I cannot attest more to how professional Ms. Savage has been. I would definitely recommend her support in times of tribulation. Simply put she is a great human being and looks out for the well being of other people.


Having built a trust with Ellen has had such a positive effect on my decisions and my life in general! She has helped me through many difficult situations in my life. She is among the best therapists I’ve worked with.


For many years now I’ve gone to Ms Savage when needing some guidance, perspective and support. She is very generous with her time, never rushes me out the door. I get the feeling she genuinely cares. I’ve visited with her in person and after moving away from the area, I’ve continued to visit as needed on Facetime. She is a genuine, caring person.


She’s really helpful. Made talking easy.


I worked with Ellen throughout my career until I retired. Her desire to learn more about her field as well as keep up with technology is unsurpassed! She has a wealth of techniques, methods and skills. A pleasure to refer to!


Ellen was my clinical supervisor for a portion of my 3000 required Clinical hours. She was very clear with her guidance, expressed feedback with a special clarity that made learning easy. She was very generous with her time always making it seem like there was no rush. Even though there were times I had to hear things I didn’t like, Ellen had a compassionate way of giving me technique suggestions and feedback. During all our role-play I experienced how much quality there is in her therapeutic skill. I do not doubt she is an amazing therapist!


Ellen Savage was my student in the graduate level counselor education/training program at Eastern Montana College in the late ’70s. My goal at that time was to teach those seeking a career in guidance & counseling skills and techniques proven to be effective in facilitating positive client outcomes. Ms. Savage was an exceptional student with a quick grasp of our program goals. I also supervised her additional training through workshops and seminars at the University of California, San Francisco where she delved deeply into therapies to address couples and intimacy issues. In addition to her formal training during this period, she gained much “real world” experience through volunteer work with local rape crisis hot line, suicide hot line and work adjustment center in billings. I am most pleased to see that the exception potential she displayed as a student has matured into the outstanding professional counselor that she is today.

Walter D. Smith, Ph.D.

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