Sibling Counseling in Havre, MT

Unexpected life tragedies often cause a negative ripple effect within families. It happens with married couples or between parents and children, but it also occurs in sibling relationships.

Adult brothers and sisters, for example, might argue about how to take care of aging parents. Issues might also arise after bereavement, especially if there’s an inheritance involved. Minor children often compete against one another for their parents’ attention and battle for the prize of becoming the favorite child. Toxic family dynamics even occur after children become adults, which also strains sibling relationships.

Sibling counseling will help you move past them if you have family troubles. You’ll learn new ways to communicate and appreciate each other’s differences. These improved sibling relationships will help you accomplish more together, such as when deciding how to care for elderly parents. Ellen Savage LCPC can help you with your family issues either in person or online. The compassion she provides extends to both biological and step sibling relationships.

You can request both in-person and online sibling counseling from Ellen Savage LCPC. She will accommodate whatever you feel is best for you. For instance, you perhaps have one or more family members who live pretty far from you. Maybe they can only meet in person once a month or less. If so, you can perhaps invite them to online sessions in Montana.

Whether you meet in person or online, Ellen will help you find the root of your sibling issues. This compassion will help you strengthen your bonds and form relationships that last for your lifetime.

Families might want to improve relationships with one another, but they often don’t know how to begin the process. Whether you’re an adult child or a parent, it might take time to convince others that sibling counseling will benefit your family.

To prepare for family therapy, we advise you to try some sessions with just you and the counselor. After all, change in others usually starts when we work on ourselves first. Once your children or brothers and sisters see the difference in you, they may follow your lead and join your sessions.

Starting counseling on your own before you invite family members to therapy also allows you to evaluate the counselor. After you’ve opened up to this person, you’ll find out if they can handle some of your most personal struggles. If so, they will also provide compassion, understanding, and support to your brothers, sisters, or children in Havre, MT.

Once you’ve established a positive relationship with your counselor, talk to your loved ones about why you think sibling counseling will help. Then, book your first session. We recommend Ellen Savage LCPC, who has about four decades of experience addressing relationship and family issues.

Therapy online has become more effective within the past decade, especially since 2017. Moreover, you’re more likely to find a counselor with the required professional licensing now.

Ellen Savage LCPC does have the proper training and offers online sibling counseling. Sessions involve meeting face to face using improved video and audio technology. Therefore, you can see each other’s non-verbal expressions as you talk or type to one another. It’s as if you were to sit in the same room.

Digital counseling can benefit your sibling relationships from a distance. These sessions also provide steps towards building up the courage to meet in person.

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Need In-person or Online Sibling Counseling in Montana?

Ellen Savage LCPC offers compassion and understanding to Montana families. We encourage you to book an appointment with her if you live within a reasonable driving distance from Havre, MT.

Ellen handles issues with siblings, and she also assists with processing the grief after losing a loved one. She can encourage you to restore all your living relative connections and help you make the most of the time you have on this earth with one another.

Talk to us as soon as possible to see how Ellen Savage LCPC can help to improve your mother/daughter or sibling relationships.

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