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From pre-marital counseling to divorce counseling, relationship counseling can help a couple in all stages of their relationship. And it’s never been more accessible. Today, there are multiple options for relationship counseling in Havre, MT, including in-person, online, and a hybrid approach. Let’s take a look at in-person and online relationship counseling and when each can benefit you.

You don’t always need in-person counseling. But it can be a great way to get started.You might want an in-person meeting to determine whether you need in-person interaction. Or just to get to know the counselor. Some people want to connect with a counselor before they start doing couple’s counseling online. Other people just can’t really process information without being able to communicate in person.

And when you’re doing relationship counseling, you really need both parties to be paying attention and committed to the process. Being in a different space means that you may find it easier to focus.

But it isn’t always possible to do in-person counseling. While Ellen Savage LCPC does provide it, it’s not always the most convenient solution for you. For instance, you might have a rigorous work schedule, or you might live far away. For that, there’s counseling online.

Virtual counseling sessions are available for convenience in and beyond Havre, MT. You’ll likely find that with counseling more accessible, it becomes more alluring. You’ll be able to attend more frequently and focus better while there because you won’t have issues such as time management or a commute to worry about.

Virtual counseling sessions can be done through Google Meet and other video conferencing solutions such as Zoom. Ellen Savage LCPC is a board-certified telemedicine provider and has been providing distance counseling since the 90s. While there are many new telemedicine providers, Ellen Savage LCPC has been providing these services for 20 continuous years.

A couple of decades ago, online sessions might have been difficult to complete. They would have had to have been text only. Even a decade ago, video consultation was almost unheard of, because it was always stuttering and delayed. But now, people can have an online video session that’s almost identical to an in-person session. And you don’t need anything except a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Today, online sessions can be just as effective as in-person sessions. It’s often best to try both types of counseling before you commit to a specific strategy. And your counselor can help you determine the best strategy for you and your partner.

Because Ellen Savage LCPC provides both in-person and online sessions, you can choose the methods that make the most sense to you. And if you need additional in-person counseling, you can get it. If you need counseling for maintenance, you can get it. This allows you to use different counseling methods in Montana as necessary.

You might find that you want an in-person session every other week but a remote session in between. Or you might find that you want to check-in in person once every couple of months. You might find that you want regular remote counseling sessions until you resolve your issues, but you need an in-person session when big problems occur. Every relationship is unique, and every person is unique.

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Choosing Between the Strategies

If you’re the type of person who likes to communicate face-to-face, an in-person or hybrid session might be ideal for you. If you’re the type of person who easily transitions to other modes of communication, remote is more convenient.

Consider your schedule. Do you have the time to go to an in-person counseling session as frequently as you need it? Do you have the time for the commute? Does your partner?

Do you feel as though you can be open and expressive in an in-person session? Or do you need the emotional distance that comes from telecommuting? Conversely, do you feel like you might not be able to open up enough if you’re calling in? Do you want to be in person so that you can connect more with a counselor?

You might not know until you try it. Sometimes, it’s better to try a remote session and an in-person session before you commit to one or the other. But ultimately, many people are choosing counseling online because it’s far easier, more convenient, and more affordable. And when you’re busy and need to manage other things, it can help you find the time to connect.

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Regardless of whether you need in-person or online relationship counseling, Ellen Savage LCPC can help, empowering you to learn the tools needed to be able to maneuver through life and your relationships in a healthier manner. Contact Ellen Savage LCPC today to find out more about the benefits of relationship counseling for you and your partner. We also offer services for non-romantic relationships, including mother/daughter and sibling counseling.

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