Mother/Daughter Counseling in Havre, MT

Family can be a rich source of joy and fulfillment for many people. It can bring a sense of belonging and acceptance, but this can only happen when there is peace among members of the same family. However, families aren’t perfect, and family feuds, especially frequent ones, can add inevitable stress and pain.

In most families, mothers and daughters are expected to have a close and loving relationship, though this might not be the case for some families. Perhaps the mother/daughter relationship in your family is strained or breaking. Scheduling a counseling session for mother and daughter with a licensed professional in Havre, MT may be the help needed to repair that relationship.

At Ellen Savage LCPC, we provide counseling in all aspects, including mother/daughter therapy. We happily provide these services virtually and remotely to those in need.

When relationships between mothers and daughters change and fracture over the years, many women feel hurt and confused.

In-person counseling can help the mother and daughter to heal their relationship and maintain or strengthen their bond. If both of you are willing to seek help, and do the work, healing is possible. Ellen Savage LCPC can provide you with the tools and skills necessary to maintain a healthy and respectful relationship.

Therapy or counseling with a professional involves detailed talks with a professional counselor. It can also involve you sharing some of your deepest thoughts, pain, and feelings in order to connect to and understand each other better. Counseling can help you identify habits and behaviors that are causing pain, and develop better methods of communication that can repair your relationship.

Online mother/daughter therapy counseling uses online meeting platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, or other video conferencing platforms to have the same type of counseling session that you would have in-person.

Online services can be especially helpful for those with circumstances that make in-person therapy difficult. This includes things like young children who cannot be left at home, those living in remote areas, and patients with mobility issues.

Ellen Savage LCPC is a board-certified telemed provider in Havre, MT and has been providing remote counseling to her clients for three decades. This means regardless of the reason that you want or need to have your mother daughter counseling sessions conducted online, you can expect the same level of care and attention that you would receive in her office.

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Benefits of Mother/Daughter Counseling

Family therapy isn’t a walk in the park.

It takes dedication to do the work, immense empathy, listening ears, and a lot of patience. Once all of these are achieved, mother and daughter counseling can yield many benefits for both parties.

Mother/daughter counseling can create a stronger support system. Through these counseling sessions with your daughter or mom, you can begin to build a robust support system that will see you two through as you work out your differences.

Therapy also brings and enhances support for the rest of the other family members. If the mother and daughter have a good session that helps them build the skills to have more healthy communication, they can then support other family members, and have healthier relationships with the rest of the family.

Therapy, and mother/daughter counseling specifically, will provide you with the communication tools and skills necessary to help you navigate your life and relationships in a healthier manner, which not only benefits you and your mental health, but those with whom you associate.

Why Choose Ellen Savage LCPC?

Ellen Savage LCPC understands that the mother and daughter relationship is crucial.

An experienced therapist like Ellen Savage LCPC in Montana can quickly identify core problems and help you two solve your issues. Ellen Savage LCPC  has 40 years of experience in counseling, so you know you are dealing with experienced personnel.

At Ellen Savage LCPC, we offer both in-person and online mother/daughter counseling. Contact us today to begin working through our relationship therapy services, and to find what method will be right for you.

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