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No matter how much you love your spouse, the stress of daily life can get in the way. When poor communication and misunderstandings get in the way, marriage can feel more difficult than it has to be. Even common, mundane arguments can create deep wounds, and you may even feel unsure about maintaining your marriage as a result of these challenges. These are normal feelings to have, but they are not necessarily here to stay. In-person and online marriage counseling can help.

Marriage counseling is about so much more than proving one spouse is right or wrong. It’s about building skills, confidence, and certainty. If you have been uncertain about where your marriage is headed, counseling may provide the perfect opportunity to make changes that save your relationship. In counseling, you can recommit to your marriage.

Ellen Savage helps you re-establish your commitment to the relationship and to each other, allowing you to build a foundation for a happy future. No matter what discoveries you make in marriage counseling, they will encourage you to move forward with a focus on building relationships with improved communication and focus.

If you are considering marriage counseling, the first thing you should know is that both partners need to be ready for counseling. Dragging along the other partner may not be very fruitful, especially if you do not share the same desire for counseling. You will also find it helpful to attend counseling sessions with clear goals. If you and your partner can agree on some goals before your first session, you may get more value from your time with the counselor. Write down your goals and what your vision of success looks like before your first session.

Additionally, you should bring an open and honest heart to your counseling sessions. When your spouse speaks, try to listen without judging or criticizing. Remember that the goal of counseling is to improve your relationship. You can also prepare by coming to marriage counseling with the goal of changing yourself. You need to be completely committed to counseling.

If you are unsure about the success you will find in online marriage counseling, you should rest assured knowing that online counseling can be just as effective as in-person counseling. Simply because you are meeting via video chat does not mean that you are unable to reap the benefits of counseling. Therapy is about so much more than the location in which you meet. It is also about the effort you and your partner are willing to put into each session. Online marriage counseling can often feel informal, which is why it can be more successful for some couples. The online atmosphere can make it easier for some spouses to open up. They may not feel judged in the context of an online setting, which can be helpful for those who are not entirely comfortable talking to a counselor.

Still, online marriage counseling can feel personal in spite of the online component. You will develop a positive relationship with your marriage counselor, and you will learn more about what to expect in marriage counseling during your first session so that you can ensure marriage counseling will work for you.

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Need Online Marriage Counseling?

In-person marriage counseling offers a variety of benefits. It can feel formal, and the therapist can gauge your body language and interaction with each other in a different way.

Of course, online marriage counseling also has its benefits. If you are not within traveling distance of Montana, online services give you access to helpful resources.

Ellen Savage is a licensed clinical professional relationship therapist. Since 1982, Ellen has been helping people in relationships just like yours.

Even happy couples can face challenges, and Ellen offers online and in-person help.

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