Online Divorce Counseling

Although you may feel as if your marriage is coming to its end, this does not mean that communication must stall and that relationships must become unmanageable. Marriages often do not last, especially as time passes and people develop different needs.

Do you feel like you and your partner have both changed? Or perhaps you feel as if one of you has changed and the other has not? That’s okay. Time can change many things, even the relationships we have with each other. There is nothing shameful about considering divorce, and one of the best ways to do it is with a professional counselor who understands your goals and concerns.

Even though many marriages do not last, the relationships involved may still benefit from divorce counseling services. For instance, you may not be severing ties with your spouse simply because you are divorcing.

You may have children together, or perhaps you own a business you’d both like to continue managing. In any case, you need to build a healthy foundation for your post-marriage relationship. Ellen Savage can help you establish resources you can use even if the romantic relationship is over.

If you are considering divorce counseling, taking a few steps to prepare can be helpful. First, you should understand why you want to go to counseling. What is it that you hope to gain from your time with a counselor? Do you want to build confidence as you navigate a difficult situation? Do you want to avoid making the same mistakes again in your next relationship?

Do you want to make sure divorce has minimal impact on your children? Divorce counseling can help you through all of it. Divorce comes with heavy emotions for most people, so it’s normal to face some uncertainty about your future. You will find it productive to come to counseling sessions with some idea about what a successful outcome will look like.

Finally, come to counseling with an open mind. You may ultimately decide not to follow through with the divorce, or you may feel even more certain about ending your marriage. Regardless, be prepared to leave your sessions with a sense of confidence and clarity.

Simply put, online divorce counseling is effective. In fact, it can be just as successful as in-person divorce counseling. Ellen has found the same success with online and in-person counseling. Counseling is worth the effort you are willing to put into it, so an online session can be just as fruitful as meeting in person. Often, online divorce counseling is helpful for partners who already live separately or who are apart due to work demands. Additionally, online counseling can be beneficial for those who have children at home or who have busy schedules and find video chat to be the best option for consistent meetings.

Divorce counseling online feels less formal, and sometimes this is exactly what people need to open up. You can still get a very personal counseling experience over the web if you work with an experienced counselor.

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Do You Need Pre Divorce Counseling?

Ellen Savage knows that pre-divorce counseling can provide clarity. Ellen has been working as a licensed clinical professional relationship therapist since 1982, offering children’s divorce counseling, relationship counseling, and more.

If you want to meet Ellen in person, you will need to live within traveling distance of our Montana practice. Otherwise, online counseling is a great option if you are thinking about ending your marriage. Are you considering marriage counseling when you want a divorce? Ellen can help you establish a healthy foundation on which you can build new relationships.

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