Online Couples Counseling

Do you feel like your relationship is falling apart? If you’re struggling with a romantic relationship, or are having problems with family, Ellen Savage can help. She specializes in helping individuals and couples work through their issues to improve the quality of their lives. Her extensive experience working with grief makes her uniquely equipped to help those who have lost loved ones.

If your couples counseling in-person isn’t working, don’t give up. That you are here means you still want to save the relationship and Ellen is exactly what you need. She has helped couples from all over Montana to improve their communication skills, learn how to fight fairly, and get rid of the anger and resentment that has built up over the years.

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Before couples’ counseling starts, it is important to prepare for the experience. Being prepared will make couple’s therapy easier and more beneficial.

Successful counseling tips:

  • Communicate your thoughts with one another
  • Be open-minded 
  • Ask questions if you don’t understand something 
  • Listen carefully when your partner speaks 

Take time before couples’ counseling. Think about what you want out of this relationship. Sometimes, just thinking about things alone can bring up feelings that may be difficult to express in front of someone else. Write any concerns or desires that come into mind so they are ready for discussion during couples’ therapy sessions. 

It is also helpful to write a list of positive aspects of your marriage/relationship, as well as any negative aspects. For couples’ counseling to be effective, it is important for couples’ therapy sessions to feel safe and comfortable.

The answer is absolutely!  

While couples counseling in-person is a time-tested and proven effective method of couples therapy, there are many more benefits to couples counseling online you might not know. Online couples sessions can differ significantly from regular couples’ therapy; however, it does not mean that the experience will feel any different or become any less beneficial.

Couples counselors provide clients with all the same services as traditional face-to-face sessions without requiring them to commute long distances at their own expense. Some individuals have full schedules which can make getting out during certain times nearly impossible, so scheduling an appointment.

Here are some benefits couples counseling online has over traditional couples therapy in-person:

  • It can be used for couples who live far away from each other or cannot get to an office due to work commitments, disabilities, etc. 
  • It does not have the added stress of driving and parking, which can take up valuable time. This is especially helpful if this couple lives further apart than others may prefer, so they will need more frequent sessions. 
  • It is available for those with physical limitations such as inability to drive during bad weather (snowstorms), medical conditions that limit travel ability such as anxiety issues/asthma, physically disabled individuals without a personal caregiver present during session times, elderly couples where one partner may be in a nursing home. 

Even couples with children can benefit from couples’ counseling online because the sessions are not always limited to weekday office hours, so they do not have to miss work or change childcare arrangements for regular couples’ therapy appointments. This is especially helpful if one partner works during traditional couples therapy hours and would need multiple weekly/daily sessions instead of just once per week.

Do You Need Online Couples Counseling?

You deserve to live life on your terms, not be held back by negative feelings or destructive behaviors that keep you from enjoying yourself. Let Ellen Savage guide you out of the darkness and into a brighter future where you can focus on what matters most—living life to its fullest potential.

Whether you and your partner are struggling with a specific issue, or just need some help in creating healthy habits to help sustain your relationship, couples’ counseling is the perfect solution. Online couples counseling can be an excellent option for those who can’t find time during their day-to-day lives to attend sessions together, but keep in mind that it may not offer as much of a sense of connection between partners as being face-to-face.

If you want to have access to both options at once, Ellen offers online appointments alongside traditional ones so that you get the best possible care, no matter what works best for you! Don’t wait any longer, call today for an appointment!

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