In-Person and Online Grief Counseling

Ellen Savage offers grief counseling for children and adults. She has extensive experience in grief counseling and is a certified grief counselor. Ellen works with both individuals and families to provide professional grief counseling.

In-Person & Online Grief Counseling Services:

What is grief? What should you expect from grief counseling? How do people cope with grief and bereavement after losing a loved one or pet? These are all questions that an experienced grief counselor can answer. Research has shown that grief counseling is beneficial for those who are grieving, as well as their family and friends. 

Grief counselors can help you understand your grief experience better through education and understanding grief processes. They will also provide support to the client by listening to concerns or problems they may have with coping.

Ellen Savage offers grief counseling services, including how to:

  • Understand and navigate the emotional pain of grieving in a safe space
  • Learn to manage your grief and develop coping skills
  • Help you heal in emotional, social, and psychological ways
  • Counseling for many types of loss: parent death, spouse death, sibling death, child death. 
  • They can also include pets in this diverse field.
Certified Life Coach

Some grief patterns become unhealthy and can cause more pain. There are three common types of grief that may occur:

  • Delayed grief is when the person doesn’t initially express or feel grief. Sometimes it will show up later (sometimes years later), at an unexpected time. It’s often triggered by a significant anniversary date such as birthdays, holidays, or the death anniversary.
  • Unresolved grief is when a person doesn’t accept their loss and continues to fight against it. When people feel they didn’t have enough time with their loved one, this can contribute to unresolved grief.
  • Prolonged grief occurs when a person’s grief symptoms last for over six months after the death of their loved one.

When grief becomes overwhelming, it’s important to seek grief counseling. There are many benefits of grief counseling for children and adults alike–including improving the quality of life, coping skills, self-esteem, stress levels, relationships with others (i.e., family members or friends), sense of purpose in life; as well as improving grief-related thoughts and feelings.

If you or a loved one is experiencing grief, it’s important to seek help from a grief counselor. This will help you to resolve your issues and begin healing. Ellen offers grief counseling in her office and online! 

Grief Counseling for Children 

Children are just as affected by grief. They may initially experience grief through their senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell), which can make grief difficult to understand and process for them. Children may also experience grief in their own unique way, through play and art. Childhood grief can be especially difficult because children are developing their sense of self. As they grow up, they understand death more fully, that it’s permanent and final; that someone or something significant has died (i.e., a pet). 

Parents should know grief in children is normal and not to ignore grief symptoms. With grief counseling, a child can explore their grief issues, learn to cope with future difficult times (i.e., when the family pet dies). This helps them resolve their current issues and feel more comfortable talking about death with others in the future. Although there is no “normal” age when children begin to grieve or how long it takes for them to adjust, some common signs of grief in children include:

  • Sadness and grief are symbolized through action (i.e., acting out at a funeral)
  • Talking about the deceased loved one
  • Difficulty sleeping or nightmares related to grief 
  • Changes in eating patterns, appetite loss, picky eating 

Unresolved grief can lead to emotional and behavioral problems, such as PTSD, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Grief counseling for children is important. Children need grief counselors who are compassionate and understanding when discussing grief in order to help resolve their grief issues. 

Need In-Person or Online Grief Counseling in Montana?

Grief is a natural response to loss, but it can also be very complicated to process. If you or your child are dealing with the death of someone close to you, we want to provide grief counseling services that will bring relief. Ellen offers both online and in-person sessions for grieving individuals who live near our offices. No matter where you are located, there’s access to professional care when you need it most. Call us at (406) 262-4242 or visit our website for more information on how we can help you today!