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In times of upheaval, it’s more important than ever to know that the bedrock of your family is secure. If you’re not taking the time to communicate openly and clearly, you may discover that hurt feelings and disagreements become commonplace, and resentment sets in. You don’t have to live at odds with your family. Scheduling family therapy online with Ellen Savage LCPC can help.

The Changing American Family

In years past, many Americans believed they had some idea of what a typical family looked like. Today, however, there is no normal. Divorce, remarriage, cohabitation and single-family homes have become increasingly commonplace, and have created a landscape for which the road map isn’t always clear.

Ellen Savage LCPC has close to 40 years of experience providing family therapy services based in Havre, MT. Whether you’re visiting the office or taking advantage of her distance family counseling services, Ellen will work with you to achieve positive results.

The relationship between a mother and daughter can be one of the most rewarding aspects of life. Of course, beginning in childhood and as girls grow into womanhood and mothers enter their middle age, that relationship can be strained for a wide variety of reasons. Ellen Savage LCPC can help repair that invaluable bond through mother/daughter counseling and healing with our family therapy services.
It’s remarkable how people born into the same family and raised by the same parents can be so different from one another. If your kids have issues getting along, or if adult siblings are struggling to connect or maintain a meaningful relationship, sibling counseling can offer the environment to explore the roots of sibling conflict and help all parties heal.
Family Counseling

Family Counseling Matters Even More Now

When things feel like they are going crazy, there is no stability, and it’s hard to feel like anything can be planned, that’s when family counseling is needed the most. The family remains the foundation most people need and depend on for mental, social, and financial stability. It’s why ancient cultures put so much priority on protecting the family in days when there were no social programs and government assistance one could go to for help in times of dire need. Today, families still have many of the same pressures as generations before. Parents still struggle to connect with their kids as they become young adults, kids think their parents are out to lunch, and spouses and partners struggle with growing and changing as they evolve together over time. They might seem modern, framed in the context of today’s issues, but in reality, these family challenges are very familiar territory. And family counseling can still provide significant help, even if just realigning emotions and discussions to communicate more openly. Issues don’t need to remain private matters stuck behind the walls of the family home. Instead, an amazing number of breakthroughs often happen when family members stop venting towards each other and begin to talk to each other again through counseling. Information and understanding replace resentment, and the construction of paths forward starts to appear versus going in frustrated circles or blocking off entirely.

Family Counseling Services

Today, with the recent social changes of the pandemic in 2020, family counseling is ironically far more available now than it has been in the past. With both traditional in-person counseling as well as online help, families can clearly and openly work through issues on their schedules, times, and availability and reduce hurt and pain. Remember, the worst thing that can happen in a family situation is to do nothing about the problems. Counseling helps provide an alternative channel for communication when things get so hard, it feels.

In-Person Counseling Available

Granted, COVID put everything into a life-changing spin. However, now that society has adjusted to it, in-person counseling is a reality and available again for folks in Havre, MT. Our offices are open and available, and in-person counseling oftentimes seems to meet the needs of solid support that isn’t quite felt possible by some folks put off by the digital approach or the online meeting. It’s alright to feel that online meetings often feel impersonal and disconnected; after all, one is speaking with a computer screen versus a physically present person. Part of our human nature depends on actual interaction with people regularly. In-person counseling is a fundamental benefit in times of need.

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Ellen Savage LCPC has been providing family therapy services and related counseling to families for almost four decades, providing help both in-person and online in recent years. Interestingly, Ellen has been providing digital counseling to patients as far back as the 1990s, but the last few years have really pushed many into the channel who’ve never communicated personally via a computer before. In a time when it feels like there is no normal anymore, the world is upside down, and everything seems to be fraying from what folks expect to be middle of the road, Ellen has helped families work through everything from restoring basic communication between family members to complex issues involving health, lifestyles, identity issues, divorce and more. Life isn’t easy, and it was never promised to be that way. Generation after generation has had to work hard at holding a family together, and our modern issues are an evolution of that challenge. Ellen Savage LCPC can help through both in-person and online counseling, addressing all types of family issues and needs. Call our office today (406)262-4242 to find out more about family therapy online in Montana.

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