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In times of upheaval, it’s more important than ever to know that the bedrock of your family is secure. If you’re not taking the time to communicate openly and clearly, you may discover that hurt feelings and disagreements become commonplace, and resentment sets in. You don’t have to live at odds with your family. Scheduling family therapy online with Ellen Savage LCPC can help.

The Changing American Family

In years past, many Americans believed they had some idea of what a typical family looked like. Today, however, there is no normal. Divorce, remarriage, cohabitation and single-family homes have become increasingly commonplace, and have created a landscape for which the road map isn’t always clear.

Ellen Savage has close to 40 years of experience providing family therapy services based in Havre, MT. Whether you’re visiting the office or taking advantage of her distance family counseling services, Ellen will work with you to achieve positive results.

The relationship between a mother and daughter can be one of the most rewarding aspects of life. Of course, beginning in childhood and as girls grow into womanhood and mothers enter their middle age, that relationship can be strained for a wide variety of reasons. Ellen Savage can help repair that invaluable bond through communication and healing with our family therapy services.
It’s remarkable how people born into the same family and raised by the same parents can be so different from one another. If your kids have issues getting along, or if adult siblings are struggling to connect or maintain a meaningful relationship, counseling can offer the environment to explore the roots of sibling conflict and help all parties heal.
Family Counseling

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