couples therapy

The idea of marriage counseling might be unappealing to many couples—but it could also be the thing that saves your relationship, or makes it easier to let go.

Since 1982, Ellen has been providing couples with a space for communication and openness. Whether the end result is a divorce or a recommitment to the relationship, Ellen will work with you to make the process effective, respectful and even convenient. Online distance counseling allows more flexibility than you will likely find from other counselors, meaning you and your partner will always have access to a couples counselor. Here is a closer look at what Ellen can do for you and your partner.

Couples counseling

Whatever the length or condition of your relationship, all couples can benefit from a little positive communication and thoughtful work at one point or another. Let Ellen guide you through the steps to a healthier and more fulfilling result.

Marriage counseling

Marriage is one of the biggest commitments you can make, and it requires mindful work to stay healthy and strong. Our distance counseling program makes affordable and experienced counseling a possibility for virtually any couple.

Divorce counseling

Your life together may be drawing to a close, but you and your ex-partner will likely still have ties to each other. Ellen can help you process your emotions and navigate new family dynamics.

Relationship counseling

Whatever the status of your relationship, Ellen is fully qualified for, and experienced in, handling your couples therapy online.

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