Family Dynamics During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended every part of our lives, with our relationships and family life likely being among the most affected. Family life has always had its challenges, but the new normal has probably amplified any existing tension. Read on for how counseling can improve family dynamics impacted by the pandemic in Havre, MT.

Mental health

Many aspects of our lives from before the pandemic are no longer feasible in our current way of life, so it’s not surprising that cases of anxiety and depression have increased since the start of the pandemic. Isolation from other support systems means greater reliance on family, which can take its toll on everyone. Being confined to close quarters can also worsen relationships between family members. A counselor can help each family member navigate these issues and resolve any conflicts that have arisen.

Drug abuse

The pandemic has also unfortunately created conditions for substance abuse to take place. Without regular routines and access to resources, people who are in recovery may have difficulty in maintaining their sobriety, since isolation and emotional upheaval can be triggers for relapse. Others might have newly-developed substance abuse issues as well. A counselor can work with individuals to get help for their addiction, in addition to helping the other family members in managing their own stress related to the situation.

Domestic violence

Even though staying home is the general advice when it comes to staying safe from COVID-19, home is not a safe place at all for many who suffer from domestic violence. Isolation makes it easier for abusers to separate victims from their support systems, so more time being spent at home means that global cases of domestic violence have increased dramatically. Counseling can help victims of domestic violence recover from any trauma and psychological damage, as well as provide tools and strategies to help them move forward.


Losing a loved one is always difficult, whether the cause was COVID-19 or not, but the grieving process has been even harder without being able to say goodbye properly. Lacking the ability to gather and mourn together might add even more strain for someone already coping with loss. Everyone grieves in their own way, and it can be difficult to support someone else through theirs if you’re also grieving yourself. A counselor can support families through the grieving process and beyond.

Financial struggles

The pandemic has forced many businesses to shutter, which has caused dramatic income loss for many families. Money can be a point of contention in even the best of times, but especially so during these uncertain times. If a family’s financial situation is causing strife, a counselor can help them tackle this tough topic together.

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