11 Ways to Relax While on the Go

Even with a pandemic occurring, most of us are busy—some even busier than normal. Juggling school, family, work and household duties, often while working from home, can stress anyone out. If your responsibilities are overwhelming, carve out some time to take care of your needs. Here are the best ways to relax while busy in Havre, MT:

  • Take some deep breaths: You probably know the benefits of mindfulness and deep breathing, but it’s easy to forget to breathe when you’re under stress. Set a timer for three to five minutes, and give yourself permission to do nothing but breathe.
  • Hang your head lower than your knees: Put your head between your knees, or bend over and touch the ground for a few moments. This convinces your central nervous system that it’s okay to relax.
  • Close your eyes for a few minutes: Shutting out the world for a minute or two can go a long way toward relaxation. Let yourself sit in the dark, and the world might look different when you rejoin.
  • Chew on something crunchy: If you have a lot of tension in your jaw, try chewing on something crunchy like apples, trail mix or carrots. It will work out the muscle stiffness, and you’ll have the benefit of a healthy snack, too.
  • Use a tennis ball for muscle aches: Stress can cause us to clench our muscles. If you’re having trouble getting the knots out of your body, use a tennis ball and the wall to work them out. You can also run your feet over one.
  • Take five minutes of alone time: Are you the sort of person who hides in the bathroom during parties, just for a breather? You can do that even when you’re home alone. Take five minutes “away” from work, family or other stressors to recharge.
  • Stretch or exercise: Getting your blood pumping and stretching your muscles is a great way to work out the physical manifestations of stress. Take a walk around the block, do a quick yoga routine or try some jumping jacks in the living room.
  • Have a dance party: Music is a big mood booster, and if you combine it with exercise, so much the better. Put on a two- to three-song playlist of your favorite tunes and have a quick dance party.
  • Engage your brain: Crossword puzzles, saying the alphabet backwards and other brain teasers can distract you from your worries, calm your brain and sharpen your mental skills.
  • Play with your pet: If you have a pet (or more than one), take a few minutes to play with them. Watching them get excited often makes you happy, too.
  • Plan your next vacation: It may seem unimaginably at the moment, but we might be able to travel in just a few short months. Where will you go? Plan a vacation so you have something to look forward to.

For more tips on how to relax even during the busiest times in life in Havre, MT, call Ellen Savage LCPC today.