COVID Fatigue and Anger

In March 2020, the world began to shut down when the novel coronavirus pandemic started to claim victims. Since then, the residents of the United States have been forced to live in a way we’re unaccustomed to. Political turmoil and public regulations have forced many to have a growing sense that there is little end in sight. Does this sound like you? Then you may be suffering from an affliction known as COVID fatigue.

This perfectly common ailment is characterized by anger, stress and anxiety when going out in public or reading health-related news. Fortunately, you can manage COVID fatigue in Havre, MT, with a little strategy and some help.

Accept it and commit

Here’s a fact: The novel coronavirus is here for the foreseeable future. Eventually, we’ll be rid of it, but that won’t happen for some time. Until that day, you should do your best to accept the situation and try to adjust.

Consider these changes permanent (at least for the time being). Once you’ve accepted that, you can make the commitment to adhere to safety protocols with less difficulty.

Practice, practice, practice

In large part, handling COVID fatigue is just a matter of adjusting your mind to the new precautions in Havre, MT. Think about it like this: If you’ve never run a mile before, on the first day, the task will seem impossible. If you keep running a mile every day, it won’t hurt so much by the tenth day. By the 100th day, you’ll be able to run a mile without any trouble.

In other words, developing positive habits is just a matter of sticking to them. Help yourself by practicing the following additions to your daily routine:

  • Add your mask to the checklist of things you take with you when you head out.
  • Wash your hands whenever you leave or arrive at your destination.
  • Use hand sanitizer whenever it’s offered. If possible, keep some in your car.
  • Check on the CDC’s safety recommendations regularly.

If you have children, you can make the precautions a game by learning the best measures right alongside them. When they see that you care about a public crisis and respond with a level head and the right safety protocols, they will learn to do the same.

Help yourself and your loved ones

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