Why Homeschooling During COVID-19 Is a Problem for Mom, Dad and the Kids

We’ve been living under the specter of COVID-19 for over six months now, and as Americans adjust to the new normal, many families are buckling under the strain. Parents are determining whether they can juggle work, homeschooling their kids and other everyday responsibilities. This is balanced with the very real threat of the novel coronavirus and the potential for their children to fall behind academically. When they step back to compare their options, not many of them are appealing. And it’s even worse for single parents.

COVID-19 homeschooling in Havre, MT is a complicated situation for many. Here’s how to balance work and your child’s education during a time of national crisis.

The challenges parents are facing

Depending on your school district, your child may be learning from home all the time, or they may have a hybrid in-person and online educational experience. This is meant to balance major concerns like slowing the spread of the virus, but also keeping kids on track academically. For families where there’s already a stay-at-home parent, this is doable—but if both parents are working or you’re a single parent, the tasks become infinitely harder.

In fact, just having a parent available to supervise the kids (while also working to keep paying the bills) isn’t enough. In a recent survey of parents, 21 percent report that they’re concerned their children will not be able to complete schoolwork because there is no internet access available at home. With libraries and other community centers closed during the pandemic, many parents are finding themselves at a total loss.

Even if you have reliable internet access and enough computers for you and all your children, staying on top of their schedule as well as your own can be a drain on your time and energy. It’s challenging—to say the least—to manage your own work while acting as teacher, caretaker and referee.

Tips to balance work and homeschooling

Here are some more tips to make this challenging time a little more manageable:

  • Get plenty of exercise—all of you: Even if it cuts into work and school hours, your kids need to burn off their excess energy.
  • Be aware that some tasks will fall to the wayside: We can’t do it all, especially in these challenging times. Cut yourself some slack and be aware that you might “fail” occasionally.
  • Do housework and other tasks on the weekend: Use the weekend to catch up on your chores, since there won’t be much time during the weekdays.
  • Don’t be shy about asking for help: Whether you look for counseling, ask other parents to share childcare or pursue other solutions, ask people to help.
  • Stick to a daily schedule: In a time where there is very little routine, sticking to a daily schedule can make the difference between chaos and organized chaos. Let the kids know when you’re available, and the times that they’re on their own.

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