Maintaining Family Relationships During COVID-19

Maintaining a healthy family relationship can be difficult in the best of times. During the outbreak of COVID-19, however, keeping your family happy and together can leave you downright flummoxed. That’s entirely understandable. The continued threat of COVID-19 has left many U.S. families in unforeseen circumstances. Kids are home more often. Parents are home more often. Finances are stretched in many American homes. And that can seem like the best-case scenario.

Indeed, many families have been forced to take backward steps in their development. According to CNBC, three out of four millennials say that COVID-19 has ruined their shot at financial independence. More than a third of younger millennials aged 24 to 29 who were polled said they would need to move back in with their family. Situations like needing to ask for money or needing a place to stay can add more stress to an already very difficult situation.

Looking for tips to help maintain family quality during COVID-19 in Havre, MT? Here are some recommendations.

Start from a place of mutual respect

If you find yourself frequently clashing with your family, consider taking a step back and putting yourself in your family members’ position. If your child has been forced to move, try to remember that they have sacrificed independence out of necessity. That stinks. If your teenager is having a hard time, try to realize that they are dealing with teenage hormones on top of a national pandemic. If your aggravated at your parents’ behavior, remember that they have to keep the lights on and the family safe during a time that’s comfortable for few.

Just taking a few moments to understand the reason behind your family member’s actions can go a long way toward finding a resolution.

Be compassionate

In times of stress, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you are reminding yourself and your loved ones how much they mean to you. Keeping up family quality during COVID-19 in Havre, MT means taking some time to communicate positive feelings whenever you have them. Even an unexpected hug or a little “I love you” can work wonders.

Avoid physical punishment

For families with young children, it can be tiresome to endure all that energy day in and day out. Indeed, without the benefit of school, and because so many companies are having employees work from home, some parents are finding it harder than ever to manage their work-life balance. During these moments of heightened anxiety, it can be tempting to let your anger get the best of you, especially when your kid is loud and you have work to do.

In these situations, take a step back, relax and try to turn a potential physical punishment into a learning opportunity.

Your family counselor

Need mental health assistance during COVID-19 in Havre, MT? Ellen Savage LCPC is a counselor who has been helping families to find peace with one another since 1982. If you want to build your bond with those you love the most, you can rely on Ellen Savage. Schedule an appointment today.