What type of counseling do I do?

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One of the most frequently asked questions I get over the past few years is “what sort of counseling do you do?” or “what type of counseling do you do?”

Well, This is a very complex question in the 21st Century for those of us educated and trained in the 20th Century. Without getting into a historic lecture, it may be enough to say that ‘back then’ there was a more general approach to treatment, which put our academics into a broad scope. After getting an education in just about all possible Mental Health issues, we’d continue our education with workshops, lectures, more formal education and such.

The past 20 years have shown an increase in “specialties”. Areas like Drug & Alcohol Counseling, Marriage and Family Counseling, Coaching, Forensic (legal) Work, and such. I have done, and continue to do, all of the above and more. The LCPC License is very comprehensive as opposed to the limits imposed on the ‘specialty’ Licenses.

That said, I will let you know that my personal, passionate areas include movement. I have been a dancer and mover since birth. My mother would say before birth! I studied dance at the International Dance Studio in Carnegie Hall, NYC throughout my teen years and did perform off Broadway. The style of dance was Modern Dance, then mostly Martha Graham style. I studied at her academy for about one year before it closed and I moved West.

I am currently getting my certification as a Yoga Instructor, having studied it since I was 16, and taught it intermittently in my adult life. The Mind/Body connection is a very important one in the Mental Health industtry, although it is not a direction every person I work with is interested in.

Along the lines of being better able to serve people in as many capacities as possible, I became Certified as a Coach a few years ago. (I will write an article about the differences between Counseling, Therapy and Coaching at a later date.)

Another form of movement I studied was Tai Kwan Do. I was the co-owner of a Dojo (school) in the later 1980’s and achieved my 1st Black Belt. I put my passion for dance to the Karate Art, but at the time this was considered ‘taboo’. So I left that behind although the training, focus, kata, mind-set are still with me, especially since there is a correlation with Yoga in some ways.

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