Perfect mothers exist. Perfect daughters exist.

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Perfect mothers exist. Perfect daughters exist. If you want to find out just how this works you are in the perfect place.

Mothers and daughters make up over half the population on Earth. This is a great distance to cover with mothers & daughters. Lots of mothering and daughtering.

First of all, we need to understand that mothers always do the best they can. Always. Sometimes this mothering sucks. Big time. Like the druggie who has bunches of kids from bunches of men.
So you get this mother daughter stuff along with a lot of sister stuff. But that’s a whole other subject.

Right now I wanted to say just a few words about mothers – perfect mothers- and daughters. Ya, perfect daughters.

Mostly what holds mothers and daughters back from communicating well is that we are on eggshells. You know, we don’t want to hurt each other. Even though we’re all girls, we don’t want to make each other cry. Crying is a whole other subject, too and we’ll get to that later along with the sister stuff.

So for simple starters, be aware of how much you are on eggshells when you talk to your mother. Or daughter. She’s just another person, you know. Just happens to be your mother. Or daughter. And by the way, perfect is just a personal opinion. And reality is just a personal opinion. But that’s a whole other subject, too, and we’ll get to that stuff later.

Jealousy is a factor in mother and daughter relationships. Yup. May sound weird, but mothers and daughters definitely have jealousy issues. Moms & daughters issues may be pretty deep, though. Like counseling and therapy does a lot for mothers and daughters to understand their similarities and differences.

This is just a babble on mothers and daughters and the relationships we develop as we get older. Things will make more sense both here in my writings on Mother/Daughter relationships and in counseling where I teach at length how to have a Perfect relationship with your Perfect Mother and a Perfect relationship with the Perfect daughter!

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