Reach Out for Family Counseling in Montana to Combat Family Blues During the Holidays

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While the holidays can be a beautiful and magical time of year, for some people they can be extremely difficult. As tradition has it, we gather around the table with family to eat and drink, yet doing so can inadvertently open emotional wounds in the process. This annual cycle can lead to what has been called the “holiday blues.” Essentially, during what should be a time to reflect on the positive aspects of life, we get sidelined by what could have been or what should have been, or let loose our bottled up resentment from years past.

Know that if you experience family issues, you are without a doubt not alone, and there are experts in family counseling in Montana who are ready to help you work through it—even during the holiday season. Now, let’s take a look at some of the most common causes for the holiday blues within a family unit.

The fear of differences coming to a head

Whether you dread a political confrontation with an outspoken uncle or a showdown with an abusive figure in your life, the holidays can bring with them a sense of doom. But remember, families are never perfect, and decisions about how you will handle your situation need to be made—professionals in the field of family counseling in Montana know this all too well. Do you stand your ground and stick up for yourself, or avoid an emotionally taxing encounter? Talking it out can help you decide how to proceed.

Money matters

Money is another common problem that surfaces during the holidays. While we should be focused on spending time with our loved ones, many of us focus on what we are not able to give them. Maybe it’s about a cousin who always shows off by sharing their high gift budget or parents that give you more than you could ever return. Either way, it’s important to understand why you feel blue and that their motives may tie into their own feelings of inadequacy. Talking it out can change everything for the better.

Compounded issues

Sometimes there is no singular cause for feeling down during the holidays. Truth be told, it’s often a combination of many things. Maybe a recent death in the family has you considering a lost loved one or struggles with siblings in other part of the country. We may never put together exactly what is wrong without working through these issues, but once we do, the holidays can go from a dreaded chore to a joyful time of year.

Whatever the case may be, it is important to remember that individual and collective problems—whether perceived or tangible—are worth understanding more deeply. There is a good chance your family struggles with the same issue, but since you and other family members may be uncomfortable bringing it up in conversation, it has never been seriously addressed.

Don’t let the holidays take a back seat this year. Instead, take the lead and contact qualified counselor Ellen Savage, MS, LCPC, DCC immediately for professional, effective and understanding family counseling in Montana.

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