EllenSavageI am a Montana Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC # 27) in private practice for over 30 years.

I've assisted  all ages and genders with a broad variety of concerns. I have also worked as a Mediator, Coach, Professional Expert in Court, Court Ordered Divorce Assistant, and Military & Family Life Consultant ( MFLC) accepting stations with all the branches of the Armed Forces in the USA and overseas.

My professional services are  provided face-to-face in  Chinook and Havre, Montana.  I welcome Distance Counseling and am a Certified Distance Counselor. (Distance Counseling is defined as any modality or form of communication using the internet or phone.)  I regularly use  phone, SKYPE or Vchat, as well as new  programs as they are developed.  Through long-distance therapy I  provide the opportunity for people to receive the help they need in the convenience of their own environment.

Since I know that each of us has their own strengths and weakness to resolve conflict, I use an Integrative Approach to therapy.  Each client is treated at their own level and pace of understanding to help themselves; each couple or family is given the opportunity to learn the Tools of Communication at a comfortable speed.  For example, if an individual is suffering a traumatic loss, he or she will not be "pushed" through any theory of "Steps to Recover from Loss" - there is no one, right way to grieve; there is no one, right way to heal a damaged relationship.  The goals for a healthier, more fulfilling life are the same, but the road there is crafted with Clinical Skills which will work best for you.

Review my site for more information.  Do feel free to email or phone me with questions you may still have.

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